Motorbikes: It's a Woman's World

It is somewhat outdated to assume that only men have the strength to handle motorbikes. This blog will allow readers to discover the world of women on motorbikes and why it is now an increasingly popular mode of transport for female riders. Exciting articles will discuss the best motorbike models for women, finding the necessary safety gear, and handling sexist remarks. In addition, readers will enjoy learning about famous female bikers, how women have now entered the competitive world of racing, and why the weight of the bike can actually make all the difference to a confident ride.

Beryl Swain: First Female TT Racer

28 May 2022

In 1962, Beryl Swain actually became the first female motorcyclist to complete a TT race on the Isle of Man. She competed in the 50cc Ultra Lightweight category and rode an Italian Itom 50cc Racer. Unfortunately, her licence was subsequently revoked to stop her from competing again.

Famous Female Motorcyclists

19 Apr 2022

Female celebrities are undoubtedly leading the way when it comes to riding motorbikes. The actress Gal Gadot likes to relive her days in the Fast and Furious movie franchise and has a Ducati. Michelle Rodriguez was also featured in these movies and rode a Harley-Davidson. Other famous bikers include Cher and Kim Kardashian.

Tips for Female Motorcyclists

11 Mar 2022

As women are typically smaller than men, they will need to consider the seat height when buying a motorbike. In addition, loose clothing such as flowing scarves should be avoided as they can get caught up in the bike's mechanism. Hair should also be tied up to avoid any distractions.